What You Should Know About Solitaire Card Games

Card games are a great source of entertainment. You can play them alone or with your family, friends, and relatives during your free time. Solitaire is not just one game, it has many variations like Spider, Freecell, Klondike, and many more.

But before starting to play these card games, you should know their origin, basics, and how to play them. To know all this, you do not need to visit different blogs and articles. You can get all this information here.

So let’s begin without any delay.

History of Solitaire Games

Solitaire games have a long history before they came to computers. People have been playing these games for more than 2 hundred years. The origin of Solitaire games is in Germany and they were first played in the 18th century.

But their popularity bloomed in France in the early 19th century. French people knew the Solitaire game as “Patience”. From France, this game went to English countries. English countries play cards themselves before but Solitaire became famous in a short time.  

After that, Solitaire became an International game. It means by playing Solitaire today you are sharing in the game that has been enjoyed by many generations. During the peak days of Solitaire, Microsoft Windows was in the development process too.

That’s why they add Solitaire in their game section. They aim to promote the games that most people enjoy playing in their free time. In the early years, Microsoft had only one Solitaire version but now they have included other variants as well including FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid. 

Basics of Solitaire Card Games

Some Solitaire card games use one Deck while others use two decks. Most people love to play card games that only use one Deck as they are easy to play and win. The main aim of classic Solitaire is to arrange the deck cards in a sequence.

In the game, the sequence is in ascending order as it starts with a lower card to a higher card. The lowest card of the deck is Ace and the highest card of the deck is King. There are 3 areas in Solitaire: The Foundation, The Tableau, and The Extra Pile.

The Foundation   

This is the main area of the Solitaire game. Here users add the Ace cards of all suits. The arrangement of the Foundation is from lowest to highest.

The Tableau   

This is the playing area of the Solitaire game. In this area, cards are divided into 7 piles. The distribution of piles starts from left to right. The first pile has only one card face up and the second pile has two cards one is face up and the other is face down. 

The third pile has 3 cards: the last card face and the other two face down. In this arrangement, all the other card piles are made. Except for the last cards, all the other cards of 2 to 7 piles are hidden.

To make the sequence, users replace the face-up cards with different piles and reveal the hidden cards.

The Extra Pile

The remaining 24 cards are placed in the top right corner of the table. Users can use these cards to make the sequences when they can not further move the pile cards. But these cards are face down, you can reveal them one by one to make a move.

How to Learn Solitaire Card Games?

There are many blogs and websites where you can learn the rules and tips to play the Solitaire card games. But as there are many variants of this game, it is better to learn the rules from inside the app guide. By clicking on How to Play, you will get all the instructions that you need to play.


By knowing the history of Solitaire you can understand its significance in the card world. You will also feel a connection with other Solitaire players when next time you play it. So do not ignore this necessary information about Solitaire and pass it on to your other Solitaire friends.