What You Need to Know About Flying Alitalia Airlines

Passengers who booked an Alitalia flight should consider some important points and information for booking and flying with Alitalia flight. These ways are effective for giving you more saving opportunities on your flight fare and flight travel. Here we have listed the best ways to book an Alitalia flight ticket which will give you a clear overview of your Alitalia Flight journey rules and policies.

Alitalia Check In for passengers

Alitalia Allows check-in upto 4 passengers online and online check-in starts before 20 hours of scheduled departure.

  • Register online for up to four people.
  • Make your seat selection on the train and then modify it later.
  • You can get your boarding card by email, print it at home (for departures where that option is offered), or pick it up at the airport from one of the special VIP lounges or check-in offices.
  • Make sure you allow extra time to check your luggage and pass security at the airport.

What to Pack for Alitalia Flight

One bag and one personal item, such as a briefcase or pocketbook, are permitted per passenger. Items such as outerwear and assistive equipment are not considered personal. Consider the below mentioned sizes and dimensions for carry bag-

Maximum Carry-on Bag Size: 18 in. x 14 in. x 10 in. / 45 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm (length x width x height)
Maximum Carry-On Weight: 11 lbs./5 kg.

How to Pack for Alitalia Flight

Travelers throughout Italy are required to comply with the following weight requirement:

Every Class: 20 kg/44 lb
Travelers to and from the United States, Canada, or Mexico are required to comply with the following regulations:

Allowance for Baggage: Two Pieces
Maximum measurements (length + breadth + height): 62 linear inches / 157 cm
Business Class maximum weight per bag is 70 lbs./32 kg.
Each bag’s maximum weight in the economy class is 50 pounds/23 kg.
Travelers to and from Brazil are required to comply with the following requirements:
Business Class Maximum Weight: 66 lbs./30 kg.
Weight Limit for Economy Class: twenty-four pounds


Alitalia gives you all possible ways to book your flight ticket like online, offline, on call etc. You will be assessed extra costs if you check in with more baggage than you are allowed to have, or if the weight or linear limitations are exceeded by your bags. To obtain further information, get in touch with Alitalia directly or visit their Excess Baggage Chart by clicking the link located at the bottom of this page.

For the general public to obtain the POC allowance, passengers must check in one hour prior to the check-in time and offer at least 48 hours’ notice. It is recommended that travelers bring enough batteries with them on board the airplane to operate their electronic respiratory assistance medical equipment for 150% of the estimated maximum flight time. If the device has a lithium battery, it cannot hold more energy than 100 KWH. Two additional replacement batteries, each holding a maximum of 100 KWH, may be brought on board as long as they are packaged separately and kept in a protective case. It is not allowed to use lithium batteries in the hold.