How a high-quality bong shaft helps you get a nice hit

With the legalization of medical marijuana, more and more people smoke it for medical purposes or just for fun. This creates a high demand for more innovative and durable smoking devices.

This is where the Bong shaft comes in! As they say, it is the best companion for weed smokers. However, to get immediate and best results, it is important to invest in a high-quality bong.

In this article, we’ll talk about high-quality bong stems, how they help you get a cool hit, and tips for choosing a high-quality bong stem to get a smooth, cool hit. Be sure to read this article to enjoy such a high bong experience.

What is a high-quality bong?

Before you take this cool hit, it’s important to first understand what a bong is.

Bongs are used by many people as a convenient method of smoking. It is a device used for smoking marijuana, tobacco or various herbal plants. It differs from other types of smoking devices in that it uses water as the medium in the purification process. A typical bong usually consists of a bowl for the herbs, a lower part of the shaft where the water is drained, a base for the water, a percolator to oxygenate the smoke, and a tube to supply the produced smoke.

However, if you are looking for a high-quality bong, you must choose one with a good downy shaft.

Unlike regular bongs, a high-quality bong uses a lower shank designed to produce only the purest smoke. It also ensures that the smoke can enter directly into the bong.

What is a high-quality bong shaft?

It serves as a connector connecting the bowl containing the marijuana with the water in the bong.

These are permanently or immobility attached to the bong, but there are also cases where they can be removed and attached to the external connector of the bong.

High-quality cooling power for the bong shaft

Investing in a high-quality bong bottom can help you achieve the cooling power of your hit. It has the ability to cool the smoke while retaining its strength and flavor.

Cool impact also reduces irritation to the mucous membranes of the mouth and upper respiratory tract, providing a smoother impact and less likely to cause wheezing or coughing.

You can also combine a high-quality bong stem with cool water, this gives a greater cooling effect and is most preferred by marijuana users.

In addition to the cooling power, purchasing the right, high-quality bong shaft also provides the benefits of a much smoother and consistent hit. Plus, you’ll enjoy a durable lower bridge that will last longer.

Tips for choosing a high-quality lower bong shaft

Now that we know the cooling power and benefits of having a quality bottom bong, it’s time to choose the right bottom bong for you.

Although there is a wide range of downstem bongs available on the market today, these tips will help you choose the best one.

Select the appropriate connector size

It is important to first measure the diameter of the hole where the lower pin goes to check that it has the correct connector size.

Then select a lower stump close to the size of the opening to ensure a reliable and airtight seal. Make sure there is enough suction to pull the smoke down. This wouldn’t be possible if the bottom shaft didn’t fit. In the worst case scenario, if it is too big or too tight, the bong may break.

Be sure to check whether the hole is for the lower shaft and whether it is measured in millimeters or inches. Handmade bongs made in the USA may use inches rather than millimeters, but most manufacturers use millimeters.

Specify the correct length

The next thing to consider is the length of the stem. The shaft must be long enough to completely submerge the bong in the water. If it is too short, you run the risk of catching burnt or loose leaves as the water will not be able to cover the smoke.

Always remember that the bottom stem must have enough length to extend from the bong and enough extra length to accommodate the outer stem attachment.

As with connector size, information on the correct length size can be obtained by asking the bottom bridge manufacturers directly. Otherwise, you can try to measure the length by determining half the length of the bong. This may not be the most reliable method, but you can get the exact size using this method from other bongs.

Another method is to use a ruler and measure the distance from the hole where the bottom of the bong should be inserted to the bottom of the bong.

Pay attention to the material used

Glass water bongs for sale is one of the most common materials used to produce bongs, as well as their basic parts. It is thin, strong and tempered enough to withstand the heat generated when operating the bong.

Additionally, lower shafts are available in hardwood, stainless steel, plastic and ceramic. Even if you like the extra flavor these materials can bring, it’s still important to choose a material that works well with the bong you’re using.

However, if you are looking for other temporary alternatives, there are now one-off options on the market for continued action.


Whether your goal in smoking marijuana is to have fun and have a high experience or solely for medical purposes, you can always make a mistake when choosing a high-quality bong stem. It is very important to find a good online store when purchasing online then buying from this shop

When choosing one, keep the tips outlined above in mind and make sure it’s compatible with the bong you’re using. Invest in a high-quality bong shaft for a fun hit that will leave you wanting more.